Parable of the Ten Virgins

The tall pines of Darjeeling move against the morning light. A day is born. It is a day of opportunity.

Just as knowledge that is unused is lost, so knowledge without love is brittle. The mists in the foothills are for the watering of life.

And the love of the Holy Spirit nourishes the soul in time of travail. The path to our abode is steep. The way is fraught with unknown dangers, yet the peaks of pride are more jagged than the uncharted heights.

I come to clear the way for the chelas of God’s will—those who would become chelas of the ascended masters.

Let it be made clear at the beginning that all who read the words of the ascended masters and all who hear our word are not necessarily counted as chelas of our will.

Let it be quite clear that there are requirements. As the chips of wood fly when the pines in the forest are cleared, so the winds of Darjeeling blow.

Let the unworthy chela be cleared from our path. We clear for a noble purpose—the ennoblement of a cause and a race.

Hierarchy has also said, “Let the chips fall where they may!” The strong gaze of the true master is upon the stalwart.

The weak-willed, unable to look upon their own image, can scarcely receive our eye. I write for those who have a will to change; for transmutation is the requirement of the hour.

I direct this series to those moving in the wind of the Aquarian cycle. To those who would move into the new dispensation yet know not the way to go I say, there is a path.

Step by step it has been carved by the initiates of the sacred fire. Over thousands of years the barefooted devotees have worn a trail over the rocks. The way is known of us.

It can also be known by you. In support of Saint Germain, Master of the Aquarian Age, exponent of the flame of freedom to mankind, I place the jewel of my crown upon the altar of the Great White Brotherhood, that those who have lost the way may find it again.

As it is written in scripture, “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”¹ The way that seemeth right is the way of reason—and that not of the eternal Logos, but of the consciousness that is bound to the laws of mortality.

Hence its ways are the ways of the death of the Christ consciousness. I am come to bring life in the tradition of the Master of Galilee.

He came that all might have life, and that more abundantly.² His way is the way of grace. His grace is oil for the gears of the law and for the meshing of the teeth of the deeds of righteousness.

I would free those who would be freed. Until men recognize the darkness, they do not reach for the light.
Thus the grossness of materialism and of a mechanistic civilization continues unchallenged.

To challenge, men must have a sword; and the sword is the sacred Word of truth to this age.

The Darjeeling Council is a unit of hierarchy. I am its chief. Numbered among those who deliberate in our chambers are Saint Germain, Mary the Mother, Jesus the Christ, the Master Kuthumi, Chananda, the Great Divine Director, Lord Maitreya, and the Ascended Master Godfre. Assisted by many unascended chelas, we serve the cause of the will of God among humanity, in the governments of the nations, in the economic councils, in the social strata, in the institutions of learning, and above all, in the diamond hearts of the devotees.

Those who see the crumbling of the old order look for the new. The path of chelaship is the way of transition. For those who would arrive at the station of the new cycle, we provide answers and a formula.

And there is no turning back. In those in whom selfishness has not marred the vision of the new day, there is the burning desire to be free and to make that freedom available to all.

Such was the purpose of the Darjeeling Council in the founding of The Summit Lighthouse in Washington, D.C., in 1958.

With humble beginnings, yet with the torch of our trust passed from God and anchored in the heart of a band of devotees, we built our organization—an outer arm of the Great White Brotherhood, a forum for the will of God, a focus for the purity of its fiery core.

Mark Prophet—and later his twin flame, Elizabeth—was trained by me to be a messenger for that hierarchy of adepts composed of all who have graduated from earth’s schoolroom with honor.

These are they who have mastered the laws of their own karma and by the pursuit of the Buddhic light have been thrust from the wheel of rebirth.

These are the ascended ones whose souls have been lifted into the glory of the life universal and triumphant.

By their striving on the way, by their excellence in self-discipline, and by the grace of Christ, they are the overcomers.³

Having not been found wanting in any thing, they have entered into eternal communion with the fount of reality through the ritual of the ascension.

To ascend into the plane of reality as they have done, you must garner within your soul the thrust of power, wisdom, and love.

To transcend planes of consciousness, to make the giant leap into the arms of God—this requires thrust.

Therefore from the wellspring of life, out of the fount of living flame which Almighty God has anchored within your heart, draw forth the thrust of faith, hope, and charity.

Whether Christian or Jew, Moslem or Zen Buddhist, or none of these, know, O seeker after higher reality, that the path of initiation can be trod wherever you are.

But you must take the first step. My responsibility is to guide and guard: yours is to follow. With the full faculties of mind and heart and soul, you chart the course of your life.

If you desire, the grid of hierarchy and of initiation through hierarchy can be superimposed upon your chart.

If you have not the desire for initiation, if there be no longing to replace the old man with the new,⁴ if there be no desiring for freedom, then you cannot magnetize the molecules of our momentum on the path, nor will you magnetize the mind of the Great Initiator who provides not only the testing, but the wherewithal to pass the tests.

Hierarchy comes forth to reveal truth to the age. We gather together the atoms of self-determination. The new year is the open door for initiation.

Our call is to the many who have come of age, who are ready to be received by their own Christ-identity.

For the dispensation has gone forth from the Lords of Karma that a million souls presently evolving on this planet—a certain million whose evolutionary time has come—might be given a more than ordinary assistance on the path of life.

These will feel the emanations of our word. These will know the presence of the ascended masters.

Though yet unseen, that presence will be clearly marked by divine direction and by inspiration leading to solutions to current world problems.

To chelas throughout the world I dictate this series through our messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, called by Saint Germain to hold the office of Mother of the Flame.

Let all who are moved by the flame of their own consciousness to pursue the high road of inner reality elect to follow the path of the elect of God.

These are they who throughout the ages, in every walk of life, both within and without the Church, have chosen the bands of his will.

These have banded together to define the laws of science, mathematics, and the geometry of the soul; these have pursued culture, education, the arts and music out of the desiring to merge with the laws of cosmos that are the will of every man’s being.

Let all who perceive the need to nourish the flame of consciousness prepare to work with the Mother of the Flame and the Darjeeling masters for the enlightenment of the race through the discipline of the self.

I AM a mentor of the Spirit,

Questions to Ponder:
1. Am I called to pursue the high road of inner reality?
What does that pursuit mean to me?2. What does El Morya state that it takes to magnetize the momentum of the Masters?3. What dispensation from the Lords of Karma makes this instruction from El Morya possible?
(1) Prov. 16:25.
(2) John 10:10.
(3) Rev. 3:21.
(4) Eph. 4:22–24; Col. 3:9, 10.

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